Money Matters

Considering the Cost

No one else in town delivers this percentage of local food in their menu, price notwithstanding. Personal chef services, which do differ from our community supported kitchen model, are considerably more expensive (~$22/meal and up) and restaurants also tend to be more expensive, for much lower quality.

Consider a local eatery’s “early bird” special:

  • $12 – meal
  • $2 – beverage
  • 10% – tax
  • 18% – tip

This easily exceeds our cost for $15/person/meal without approaching the variety or quality, to say nothing of the nutrition of our well prepared, ultra fresh meals. Couple all this with the time savings of staying in your own home, around your own family table and you will understand why so many members say ” Thank goodness it’s Tuesday” (Seriously, they do!)

As we see it, if you are already eating out, taking out, or eating prepared or frozen food 1.5 times per week or if you could just use a helping hand with dinnertime during the week, this service will pay for itself in value, quality, and convenience.

Payment and Billing

Invoices are sent out via e-mail during the last week of a month. Payment is requested by the following week. If a different billing cycle suits you best please let us know, we are flexible.

Share costs are $30/person/week

There is a $25 refundable deposit on dish ware. This is returned to members who quit once all the dishes are returned in good condition.

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