April 11, 2017

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Hello Food Nanny Members!
Enjoy the weather this week! Looks like Spring is really here now! Here are your meals for the week:
Meal A

*Mixed Greens – Blue Moon Farm

*Blueberry Dressing – blueberries, sugar, yogurt, apple cider vinegar

*Potato Soup – potatoes, kale, onions, celery, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil

*Multigrain Rolls – 10 grain hot cereal mix, water, flour, whole wheat flour, honey, butter, salt, oats

*Sugar Cream Pie – sugar, cornstarch, milk, butter, vanilla, cinnamon, flour, salt

Meal B

*Chicken Kiev or Kidney Bean Kiev with Spinach Orzo and Veggies – The butter inside both kiev’s is made with parsley, green onions, salt and pepper. The kidney bean kiev is made with kidney beans, onions, salt and pepper. Spinach Orzo is made with onions, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil. The veggies are carrots, zucchini and red peppers.

Where did your food come from?
* Common Ground, Family Health Food Store, Moore’s Family Farm, Blue Moon Farm

Have a great weekend!

Kelly Jo, Francisco and Staff

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