Thanksgiving Day Menu 2022

Want Thanksgiving Dinner but don’t want to cook?

Let Piato Catering take care of your Thanksgiving dinner for only $28 a person!

First: Choose Your Bird:

*Cider Brined Turkey with Apples, Oranges, Peppercorns and Onions (GF, DF)

*Herb Roasted Turkey with Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Garlic, Coriander, Cumin, Salt, Pepper & Olive Oil (GF, DF)

*Vegetarians – Acorn Stuffed Squash filled with Golden Raisin and Vegetable Rice (GF, DF)

Second: Choose a Side:

*Rosemary & Garlic Infused Mashed Potatoes

*Traditional Mashed Potatoes

*Maple Walnut Sweet Potato Mash (GF,DF)

*Homemade Savory Stuffing

Next: Choose a Vegetable:        

* Brandy & Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots (GF)

*German Style Green Beans with Bacon and Onions (GF, DF)

*Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Carrot Mix (GF, DF)

Lastly, Choose a Dessert:

*Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce

*Apple Butter Cheesecake

*Sweet Potato Pie with Marshmallow Meringue

Pear & Cranberry Crisp (GF, DF)

All Meals Automatically Come With:

Gravy, Pumpkin Rolls, Cranberry Sauce and Mixed Greens Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Call or email to order your meals today! Deadline for orders is Sunday, November 20th at Noon. Pick up is 10am to 2pm on Wednesday, November 23rd.  Delivery available for $5.00

217-344-9015 or

Don’t Forget:  Thanksgiving Themed Iced Sugar Cookies $12.00 a dozen!!

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