Catering Menu


Rules of the Playground

Our policies and procedures for providing delicious meals for our catering clients.



For orders $1 to $250……….$5.00

For orders $251 to $500…….$10.00

For orders $501 to $1,500…..$15.00

For orders $1,501 and up……$20.00

Credit Card

In an effort to maintain the best pricing possible on our meals, we have instilled a 4% credit card fee for all catering orders paid by credit. We always welcome cash or checks without any additional fees.

NSF Check

If you provide payment with a check that is rejected by the bank, your fee will be $35 plus any additional collection fees.


There is a 18% service charge for catering that requires a setup and tear down. You may avoid this charge by picking up your order at our kitchen.


We request that orders over $500 be canceled in writing 5 days before the event. Orders under $500 must be canceled in writing 36 hours before the event.

Wait staff

Wait staff are available at the cost of $18 per hour. A minimum of 1 hour before the event and 1 hour after, for preparation and clean up, are included in the cost. For buffets, we suggest 1 wait staff for every 50 people. For plated dinners, we suggest 1 wait staff for every 25 people.


There will be a 5% late fee per week added to any order over 35 days past due. Payment for any order over $1,000 must be made in full 4 days prior to the event or a 10% fee will apply at the time of payment.

Payment on orders over $999

Payment for any order over $1000 must be made in full the Wednesday prior to the event or a 10% fee will apply at the time of payment.

Environmentally Friendly Products

In an effort to practice business in an environmentally friendly manner, we have chosen to utilize disposable products that are compostable and made of renewable sources such as sugarcane and bamboo.

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