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Thirst Quenchers

If you are interested in serving alcohol at your event, please note that while Piato is not licensed to do so; we have working relationships with vendors who are and can accommodate these requests.

By the Gallon

$ 15.00 / Gallon

Lemonade or Lemon Limeade

Fresh Squeezed

$ 10.00 / Gallon

Tea or Sweet Tea

Fresh Brewed

$ 15.00 / Gallon

Mock Sangria

Blend of Juices and Sparkling Juice Chilled Over Chunks of Fresh Fruit

$ 10.00 / Gallon

Flavored Teas

Tickle Me Peach Fruity Fiesta Blackberry Jasmine

$ 10.00 / Gallon

Flavored Hot Tea

Assorted Loose Leaf


$ 15.00 / Gallon

Warmed Spiced Apple Cider

$ 13.00 / Gallon

Hot Cocoa

Made with Real Milk

coffee carafe
$ 15.00 / Gallon


Fresh Brewed, Includes Cream and Sugar


assorted bottles of snapple drink displayed in a bucket of ice
$ 2.00


Assorted Seasonal Flavors

assorted cans of soda in a bucket of ice
$ 1.00

Can of Soda

Pepsi or Coke Products

$ 1.00

Bottled Water

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