Organic Food Nanny

About the Organic Food Nanny

If you have not tried out our Organic Food Nanny Service, now is the time!  We have made it easier than ever to participate.  You can conveniently and securely order and pay directly through the website.

The Organic Food Nanny is a weekly order meal delivery service in which participants order as many meals as you would like for delivery the following week.  The price is comparable to eating out and the food is far more delicious; not to mention good for you!

No one else in town delivers this percentage of local food in their menu, price notwithstanding.  Our meals cover all types of different cuisines.  Meals are designed to be healthy because we start with great organic, local ingredients.  We support the local economy when we source from local farms.  We plan ahead for the winter months by canning and freezing fresh produce to ensure participants have a variety of meals year around.

How It Works

It is really quite simple.  Each week you are able to order the meals that you would  like for the following week.  Every Tuesday we will prepare those meals and pack them in returnable containers or other appropriate packaging.  We will deliver to your house between 2PM and 5PM on Tuesday afternoon.  To receive your meals, if you are not home/available between those times, simply leave a medium/large cooler on your porch.  Meals are completely cooked and can be reheated at your convenience in the containers.  The following week place the cleaned containers in the cooler.  We swill pick them up and deposit your new meals.

Payment and Billing

We have now incorporated orders and payment directly through the website.  Order each week or multiple weeks at one time.  Conveniently and securely pay directly through the website.  We can also invoice you on a monthly basis.  Invoices would be emailed to your the last week of each month.  Payment would be expected by the following week.  If a different billing method/cycle suits you better please let us know, we are flexible.

Who Benefits From This Service

As we see it, if you are already eating out, taking out or eating prepared/frozen food 1.5+ times a week, or if you could just use a helping hand with dinnertime during the week, this service will pay for itself in value, quality and convenience.  Couple this with the savings of staying in your own home, around your own family table and you will understand why so many participants say “Thank Goodness it’s Tuesday!” (Seriously, they do!)

This is a perfect fit for almost anyone!  Especially those that help feed elderly parents, busy families (with kids in every activity their respective schools offer), growing families (got a new baby taking up most/all of your time), or college students to name a few.  We are here to help!

We work with the following local vendors:

  • Triple S Farms
  • Moores Family Farms
  • Blue Moon Farms
  • Common Ground Food Co-op
  • Kilgus Farms
  • Central Lean Meats
  • Carrie’s Farm
  • Coil Farm
  • J & T Farm
  • Family Health Foods
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Red Barn Farm
  • Ellen North Produce
  • Kleiss Produce
  • Meyer Farm
  • Tomahnous Farm