Organic Food Nanny

About the Organic Food Nanny

If you have not tried out our Organic Food Nanny service, now is the time! We offer two, all locally sourced, all organic meals every Tuesday for one month with paid membership. The price is comparable to eating out and the food is far more delicious; not to mention good for you!

The Organic Food Nanny is a subscription, meal-delivery service in which individuals or families purchase monthly membership shares. Similar to the Community Supported Agriculture model these shares then entitle the members to their ‘share’ of the two meals the kitchen prepares each week. Dues occur at the start of each month and meals are delivered on Tuesday of every week. Members are invoiced for the coming month, via e-mail, at the end of the present month.


We offer membership on a month by month basis, so no worries if you plan on taking a summer long trip, or even just one week. You can cancel without penalty and there is no “signing up” fee. Call us with questions or concerns: (217)344-9015.

How It Works

It is really quite simple. Every Tuesday we prepare two different meals and pack the food for each meal in returnable containers or other appropriate packaging. To receive your share of both meals simply leave a medium sized cooler on your porch. We will deliver your meals between 2 and 5 pm on Tuesday. The following week place the cleaned containers in the cooler. We will pick them up and deposit your new meals. Instructions are included with each delivery and also posted on-line along with additional information.

Our Food

Our meals cover all types of different cuisines. Meals are designed to be family style and are healthy because we start with great organic,  local ingredients. We produce your meals with local, organic ingrediants by purchasing from the Market and many local farms. We support the local economy when we source from local farms. We plan ahead for winter months by canning and freezing fresh produce to ensure members have a variety of meals year round.

Our Local Food Vendors

We work with the following local vendors:

  • Triple S Farms
  • Moores Family Farms
  • Blue Moon Farms
  • Common Ground Food Co-op
  • Kilgus Farms
  • Central Lean Meats
  • Carrie’s Farm
  • Coil Farm
  • J & T Farm
  • Family Health Foods
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Red Barn Farm
  • Ellen North Produce
  • Kleiss Produce
  • Meyer Farm
  • Tomahnous Farm

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